O Jesus

English translation of the poem ‘O Jezus’

by Susan Verkerk-Wheatley / Anne-Marie Bos


Before the image of Jesus

In prison

12/13 Feb. 1942


O Jesus, when I gaze on You

Once more alive, that I love You

And that your heart loves me too

Moreover as your special friend.


Although that calls me to suffer more

Oh, for me all suffering is good,

For in this way I resemble You

And this is the way to Your Kingdom.


I am blissful in my suffering

For I know it no more as sorrow

But the most ultimate elected lot

That unites me with You, o God.


O, just leave me here silently alone,

The chill and cold around me

And let no people be with me

Here alone I grow not weary.


For Thou, O Jesus, art with me

I have never been so close to You.

Stay with me, with me, Jesus sweet,

Your presence makes all things good for me.


Translation: Susan Verkerk-Wheatley / Anne-Marie Bos

© Titus Brandsma Instituut 2018