Welcome to the website of the critical edition of the Writings of Titus Brandsma. On this site we present the fruits of this on-going edition project, including translations and commentaries.


1. Writings

The writings of Saint Titus Brandsma O. Carm., which are preserved in the Titus Brandsma archives of the Dutch Carmelite Institute, include thousands of documents. Brandsma wrote about 700 articles for various publications, but the archives also hold thousands of unpublished articles, speeches, notes and letters. Through this critical edition, our aim is to make these works more accessible for reading and studying.

The edition project has been going for some time, in cooperation between the Titus Brandsma Institute and the Dutch Carmelite Province. It began in 2014 and will probably take about twenty years to make all the works of Titus available. The writings that have been prepared for publication will be presented on this website under the heading ‘writings’.

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2. Translations

Titus Brandsma wrote his texts primarily in Dutch. He also wrote some texts in other languages (Frisian, English, German, Italian). To make some of the writings of Titus accessible to those who are not able to read the original texts, this website contains a number of translations under the heading ‘translations’.


3. Commentaries

Working on this edition project means carefully and systematically studying each one of Titus’ texts. One of the fruits of this work is that we are also able to present a series of essays as commentaries on Titus’ writings. These are meant to support the reading and understanding of the original texts. The commentaries have been written by members of the Titus Brandsma Institute and other scholars. The commentaries are written in various languages, mainly in English. Some of them, which are presented here, are English translations of original Dutch texts.